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2011 review........

today is 31st December.. and that's mean it is the end of year 2011.. well.. its been a while.. time pass by.. and never realize that its almost a year time had pass..
in this 365 days.. I would like to make a short review about this year.. I know.. many of us will do this.. but I insist want to do to.. heeee.. :D
first.. the sixth semester started.. its the semester after I took a break for one semester.. yeahh..  the semester before.. I gone for practical.. so.. its mean..  there is almost a biggggg gap for me to start study back..
second.. my friend and I gone for a trip.. not a really a trip.. but we spent a day at Kota Tinggi.. with the waterfalls.. feel like want to go there once again..
third.. its the semester where I stayed at a new college.. before this I just stayed at KTF.. but in this semester.. I stayed at KRP.. which is a new environment to me.. just walk to go to the class.. very healthy ryte.. heee..
forth.. in this year.. I had been chosen as PMP

review dalam mihrab cinta

it has been two days I have not updated my blog.. missed it already.. I've been busy this days.. now.. I have some time to spent on.. before getting back on my track.. STUDY WEEK track.. heee..
okay.. last few days.. I had seen this movie.. DALAM MIHRAB CINTA.. by the Indonesian..
I wont talk about the love story in this movie.. because I'm not interested to it.. and everybody knows it well.. a GOOD man is for a GOOD women..
what had caught me up.. is when he repent for what he has done.. yeahh.. in our lives.. no matter who you are.. what kind of background you are.. and how good you are.. there will have a time that we done something bad.. I mean BAD.. REALLY BAD.. involving sin..

so.. no matter who you are.. and what had you done.. just let it be.. just live well for now.. repent for what we've done.. Allah will always accept our repent..
take a look for the movie.. or just read the novel.. how he such a good man.. can do something bad.. but at the en…

inspiring.. using english..

had you even noticed that recently all my entry is using english?? its good if you had noticed it..
well.. ermmm.. actually I only used english when I'm not in a good mood.. because I think english have unique language.. its make something looks soft even you are writing with anger.. even if I'm with my bff.. and I'm started using English.. she will know.. there's something wrong somewhere.. is it right my bff?? heeee..
but to continue writing entry in English.. its actually hard.. cause sometime..  I couldnt know the term used in English.. hahhaa.. maybe I could use inverted comma..
its just my little brother's blog.. make me realize.. even he is now only 18 years old.. can write English in his blog.. why not me..
then... I started using English in my entry.. I dont know how readers perception.. but what I know.. I'm comfortable with it.. if you feel.. its hard for you.. never mind.. its ok..
in fact.. i just want to improve my English.. he…

Jadual Peperiksaan Akhir..

its looks like the semester is already at the end.. the study week will start just around the corner.. never expect its going this fast.. yeahh.. time pass by.. we never realize that how much time that we dont use up properly..
when the study week will begin.. it means.. the examination week also will begin.. this semester I have 6 paper.. ohh yeah.. this is my final examination schedule..
can you see it?
4 paper in a week.. and then 1 paper per week.. well.. I think I need to plan my study week.. yeahh.. there is goal that I need to achieved..
anyway.. good luck for me.. my classmates.. my coursemates.. mu utm-mates..
hehe..  good luck too for everyone..

what actually I'm doing?

well.. I'm feel quite bored today.. I know there's many things I can do.. such as.. folding the cloth.. finishing the FYP.. finishing the assignment.. and studying..
but... I am really not in the mood doing all of those things.. just like want to do nothing.. but at the end.. end up with bored.. can I have a walk? (its already late my dear..)
so.. what I had done today..  a whole evening fill up the day with renovating the blog.. ermm.. just change the layout.. and make a new header.. just a simple one.. because I may headache if look it too long.. and here is the result.. nice for me.. but dont know for others..
and this night.. while waiting the food.. I took out my handphone.. and texting.. "uih.. watpa?" and searching for the number.. 'my lil2 bro' sent..
wait a minute.. Im texting my little brother? ohh yeah.. its true.. I never texting him asking his condition.. and I dont know why am I doing that.. (do I miss you?? erkk.. nonsense..) (…

selesai dengan contengan jalanan..

setelah beberapa bulan diperam.. akhirnya.. berjaya jugak aku mengkhatamkannya.. contengan jalanan.. hlovate..
disuggestkan by a friend.. worth to buy.. worth to read.. ringan2 ja apa yang cuba disampaikan..

anyway.. this book consists of 2 story.. about K square and Fend.. if you can see the cover of the book.. it is upside down.. both two person is the both story.. but its about how both of them got a 'turn' in their life..
a man who decide to change in 12th hour.. dies in 11th our..
so.. grab one.. and feel the story about.. it really useful to those is searching for the 'u-turn'.. and ONLY those who open their heart can feel what its about.. if not.. its just like a read a normal book..

rainy day..

at here.. UTM JB.. its already a week rain fall.. yeah.. its normal at the end of the year.. rain will fall almost the day..
this rainy day.. make me feel sleepy all the time.. hahhaha.. even sometime make me feel lazy to go to class..
this rainy day.. make me had to figure out.. others way to wash my cloth.. looks like i need to find washing machine.. coz all this time i wash using hand.. incredible ryte? hahaha..
okay.. just be husnudzon with this rainy day..

miss it so much..

the study week just around the corner.. and many took this chance to go home..
hurmmmm.. i want to go home to.. really miss my home..
i know..  just last week meet up with my parents.. just for hour.. but didnt have much time to spent time together.. cause we had to attend a walimatul urus.. my father is buzy at the kitchen.. just meet up for a while..
hurmmm.. i want to go home.. P.E.N.A.N.G
nothing special there.. but at least.. i could calm my mind..
even coming semester break.. i couldnt spent much time at home.. hurmmmm..
really miss my home.. really miss my room.. really miss my bear..

there is always a reason..

for what had happened.. there always reasons behind it..
sometime.. we may try it for harder.. and the results.. we couldnt get it..
and for that to happened.. there always a reason for that.. always be positive..
maybe that we dont really put full effort on it.. maybe the result we get will teach us something..
who knows right..
just husnuzon.. and leave it to HIM.. cause HE will always hear for what we want..

**entah kenapa hati rasa tak selesa** **entah kenapa ada rasa sedih di hati** **entah kenapa ada rasa sayu di hati** **entah kenapa ingin pinjam bahu seseorang** **entah kenapa rasa ingin nangis sepuas-puasnya** **hati..... tabahlah hati** **insya-allah.. semuanya ada jalan** **percayalah padaNya**

wishing you with happiness..

today is 22nd disember.. its her birthday..
throughout this 22 years.. and only almost one per third your life knowing you..
really appreciate that you had born.. and we've become friend.. not just a friend.. but F.R.I.E.N.D..
many things happened between us.. and I believe its all to strength our bond.. and what we have now.. is the result from what we've gone through.. T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R..
somehow miss you much.. cause you are faraway from me.. but I know.. you live well there too..
hoping there is time for us to meet again.. spending time together.. all of our memories.. in school.. and specially at matriculation.. will always and never been forget..
sis.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. may Allah bless in whatever you do.. may happiness be along with you.. may you more strong enough in this life.. may you able to achieve what you want.. may your wishes come true.. AND.. may this year bring a light in your life.. (ayat lebih kurang sama macam entry lepas ja.. hahaha..)
be a…

ssc 2223~ environmental chemisrty

today.. i wanna talk about one of my course.. environmental chemistry.. this would be the last paper chemistry that I will be taken.. after this, no more chemistry paper..
what interesting about this course? no.. not about this course.. but its the lecturer.. EN HASHIM BAHARIN.. also known as HBB..
he just a simple lecturer.. seriusly.. and we do have a group at facebook on this course..
all the assignments given.. have a reward.. the best assignment will be given a reward.. the reward is the money that he collected from each students in early semester.. the assignment individual is cost about RM 40.. meanwhile.. the group assignment cost about RM 240.. sooo.. be motivated to do his assignment.. hahaha..
and one more thing is about the quiz and the test.. we does not need to answer the questions.. but we need to construct questions with the answer scheme.. and of course it is an open test and quiz..
seriously.. it is never been done any lecturer.. anyway.. mr HBB.. …

final acceleration..

this week is the final acceleration.. for the ASSIGNMENTS....
woooo.. im still holding up 5 assginmmentssss... 3 chemistry assignment power point.. 1 report sociology assignment.. 1 report curriculum.. 1 curriculum assignment..
ohhh ya... and my FINAL YEAR PROJECT.. chapter 1.. 2... and 3.. needs to do correctionsss...
fuhhhh... this is the last week for lecture.. and still have a few assignment holding up.. GREAT.....

why not being yourself..

feel like this whole week.. want to update by using english.. dont ask why...
in this life.. we are not looking for someone perfect.. and someone match to us.. but just someone that could make we perfect..
and does not need to adjust yourself.. to impress others.. that will not impressing other.. but make others feel annoyed..
JUST BE YOURSELF.. because it is yourself that make someone like you.. not by pretending.. and do the things that someone you like do.. just be yourself..
do I really need to make you clear about this... JUST BE YOURSELF..

and you really2 make me fell annoying!!!!! i feel sick everytime you wanna do things i do.. and you does not need do anything to IMPRESS me.. just let the time be.. and whatever you do now.. really really make me SICK!!

i really want to end this semester as fast as i can.. and go vacation.. releasing all the tense you bought..

start Over?

im just want to share about a person that closed to me.. why am i writing here even its not about me.. who cares.. its my blog... heeeee... just wondering about her situation..
******* the story starts ********
this boy.. is such a good boy.. everyone admit it.. its truth.. from everyone perception..
he like a gurl.. and he try to make the gurl as a special one.. but before everything.. the gurl already stated.. she believe love after nikah.. the guy pull back...

gurl heart.. is so soft.. she actually okay with him.. but.. she know one things.. and she want it HALAL way..

suddenly..  the boy came back.. he propose the gurl.. as GIRLFRIEND.. and the gurl REJECT it.. but she ask the boy if he serious.. why not he see her parents.. and do it HALAL ways.. (cause she knows the rule..) BUT.... the boy refuse it.. even.... the boy 'push' her to accept him.. she thought she already made him clear from the first.. but.. he even dont understand.. and the gurl explain…

pendaftaran subjek....

nampak gayanya budak2 UTM sekarang ni tengah sibuk mendaftarkan diri untuk subjek semester hadapan.. dan apa yang aku boleh cakap.. ini mungkin akan jadi kali terakhir aku mendaftar subjek.. sem hadapan merupakan sem terakhir.. insya-Allah..
nampak gayanya subjek untuk sem depan.. cuma membawa 14 kredit.. mungkin aku boleh mengulang subjek yang satu itu.. insya-Allah..
harapnya dipermudahkan segalanya.. inilah slip pendaftarannya.. :)


hurmmmm.. terasa macam nak amik cuti.. bebas dari segalanya.. pergi melancong ka.. melancong yek.. bukan melencong..  huhuhu..
penatlahhhhhhhhh.. banyak sangat benda nak kena siapkan.. huhuhu.. sampai rasa macam tak nak buat apa dah.. boleh tak?
itulah.. salah siapa? salah sendiri jugak kan.. assignment bagi awal2.. semuanya himpun masa last2.. padan muka.... :p (marah diri sendiri)
** adeh... gara2 test punya pasal lah ni.. hurmmm... dah2.. jangan nak salahkan sesiapa.. tapi kan......................... macam nak................

rapuhnya emosi kamu..

di pagi yang hening ini.. aisehh.. dikala pulun menyiapkan assignment.. mencuri masa seketika update blog.. kerana telah mencuri masa membaca buku seketika.. mana taknya.. alih2 baca.. terasa terkena di hidung pula.. adehhh.. ingin aku share kan disini.. :)
ohh ya.. kamu di tajuk atas tuh.. adalah aku yek..
salah satu sub topik dalam buku yang aku baca..
"berhati-hatilah.. jangan sampai putus asa dan kecewa"
semua kejadian itu  sekalipun menimpakan penderitaanya padamu ia pulalah yang akan merasakan kepadamu kenikmatannya..
penulis menyarankan agar sentiasa mengungkap kalimah agung..
perbanyakkanlah membacanya dan usirlah dengannya dari dalam diri anda segala kesusahan,  nescaya anda akan beroleh kegembiraan dari Allah.. dan menemui kemudahan yang dekat waktunya.. jangan sesekali anda berputus asa atau membiarkan kekecewaan menghimpit diri anda.. kerana sesungguhnya tiada satu pun kesempitan.. melainkan sesudahnya datang kelapangan dan tiada satu pun kesulitan mel…

am i asking TOO MUCH?

first of all..
my week is still dark.. never know until when the sunrise will rise again..
and..i never know.. whether my request is too HARD for that person.. i just want everything goes the right path.. for the sake of HIM..
i know.. i am not much a GOOD girl.. as like saiditina aisyah, siti khadijah and others.. for asking until that kind.. but still.. im on the way to try my hard to be a GOOD girl.. a GOOD girl like HE wants..
and i think it isnt too much for me to ask something like that.. its not im conservative or what ever.. just.. i want it doing in the right path.. and i dont care even others say that i am too confident..
but.. how many people really do understand that situation??
aku pernah menyanjung kamu.. aku pernah menghormati kamu.. tapi.. disebabkan kamu tak menghormati pendirian aku.. maka hilanglah semua itu dari aku..

review Immortals..

baru2 ini aku berkesempatan melayan cerita Immortals.. xdaklah baru2.. dah lama lah jugak.. baru berkesempatan nak update.. heee..
filem Immortals.. ala2 epik.. dan kalau tak silap aku cerita neh label 18SG.. dan sebenarnya baru aku perasan aku tak boleh sangat tengok 18SG neh.. hahaha.. syok tengok dia lawan2.. tapi bila tengok darah sana sini kuar.. aku mula jadi loya.. sampai ada satu tahap aku rasa macam nak termuntah dah.. heeeee..
okay.. cerita Immortals neh.. bagi aku biasa saja.. tak adalah BEST giler ka.. just OKAY.. cerita ala2 epik.. pasal God mereka.. keluarlah Zeus, Poseidon dan segala God mereka..

tapi satu yang aku rasa boleh diambil nilai murninya.. apabila masyarakat yang tidak percaya pada Tuhan.. sebabnya Tuhan mereka tidak pernah mengkabulkan doa mereka.. dan mereka berpaling tadah.. dan tidak percayakan Tuhan.. akhirnya ada scene yang membuktikan bahawa mereka perlu akan Tuhan..
just apply dalam kehidupan kita.. bila kita doa.. doa.. dan doa.. …

review In Time movie...

ni ada satu juga cerita yang aku dah tengok.. lamaaaaa dulu.. tapi tak adalah lama sangat.. IN TIME..
bagi aku cerita ni sangat MENARIK.. walaupun kalau nak kira logik.. memang tak logik.. tapi rasa macam nak tengok lagi.. heee.. cerita ni bergenre sains fiksyen..

cerita dia mengisahkan.. zaman yang sangat moden apabila gen penuaan telah dimatikan.. dan nyawa mereka bergantung pada masa yang mereka ada.. seorang bayi yang dilahirkan akan hidup sehingga umur 25 tahun.. dan selepas umur 25 tahun.. masa mereka akan berjalan.. kalau tak silap mereka hanya dibekalkan 7 hari sahaja.. jadi.. untuk hidup lebih lama.. mereka perlu bekerja mendapatkan masa tambahan bagi nyawa mereka.. dan matawang mereka juga menggunakan masa yang ada mereka.. jadinya, mereka kena pandai menspendkan masa mereka.. dan pandai mencari masa mereka.. dan kelebihan bagi golongan elit kerana mereka pasti kaya dengan masa.. maknanya mereka boleh hidup berabad lamanya..
ermm.. rasanya mesti tak faham…

bab 2...

tak ada apa aku nak bercerita.. just.. bab 2.. oh bab 2..
yeahh.. tandanya.. aku dah stress dengan bab 2 PSM.. huhuhu.. khamis kena hantar.. talian hayat oh talian hayat.. adeh..
tesis malas nak menghadap.. blog rajin pula.. adeh..
ditambah parah pula dengan emosi yang kurang.. kurang..

emosi kurang stabil...

ermmm.. entah kenapa.. sejak beberapa hari yang lalu.. (erkk.. beberapa hari ka eh..) emosi kurang stabil..
huhuhu.. aku sendiri tak suka bila aku berperasaan macam ini.. sebab masa inilah.. harga air mata yang sangat mahal.. jatuh secara merundum.. hurmmm..
aku sendiri penat..
maaf kepada yang menjadi mangsa..
cuba.. dan sedang cuba atasi.. mesti atasinya jugak2..

tertanya2 dalam diri..
apakah ada sesuatu yang disembunyikan diluar pengetahuan aku..
itu hak dia..

Bab 2 pula....

minggu ni aku kena hantar bab 2 pula.. sorotan kajian.. huhuhu.. dari tadi aku menghadap laptop.. tapi satu apa pon tak gerak lagi..
B.L.U.R.R.R.... iyaa.. blur eh nak wat bab 2 ni.. huhu.. hasilnya untuk petang ini ialah ini... heeeee...

jom... doa akhir dan awal tahun..

hari ini merupakan hari terakhir bagi umat Islam.. dan hari ini juga kita bakal melangkah ke tahun yang baru.. 1433Hijriah..
oleh itu..  saya ingin mengingatkan kawan2 supaya membaca doa akhir tahun.. (diri ini pon hampir2 lupa.. terima kasih ukhti yang mengingatkan.. :) ) dibaca tiga kali sesudah asar dan sebelum Maghrib..

Maksudnya: Allah SWT berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad SAW, ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka. Wahai Tuhan, apa yang telah aku lakukan dalam tahun ini daripada perkara-perkara yang Engkau tegah daripada aku melakukannya dan aku belum bertaubat daripadanya. Sedangkan Engkau tidak redha dan tidak melupakannya. Dan aku telah melakukannya di dalam keadaan di mana Engkau berupaya untuk menghukumku, tetapi Engkau mengilhamkanku dengan taubat selepas keberanianku melakukan dosa-dosa itu semuanya. Sesungguhnya aku memohon keampunanMu, maka ampunilah aku. Dan tidaklah aku melakukan yang demikian daripada apa…

lepas jua akhirnya...


hari rabu yang lepas merupakan Annual Grand Meeting bagi PMP.. dan aku selaku pengarah program.. bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya ke atas program ini..
apa yang aku boleh katakan.. HAMPIR SEMUA plan yang dirancang tidak menjadi.. kecewa rasanya bila semua perancangan tak menjadi.. tapi.. aku gagahkan jua diri.. sambutan yang tidak begitu menggalakkan.. tapi.... alhamdulillah.. ada juga yang memberi sambutan..
terima kasih sangat-sangat yek..
dan melalui AGM tersebut.. maka.. secara rasminya aku telah menjadi MANTAN PMP.. huhuhu.. berakhirlah segala episod meeting..
tapi.... mana boleh lepas macam tuh saja.. ada lagi program yang belum habis dilaksanakan.. dan.. perlu 'train' setiausaha yang baru dilantik.. mungkin insya-Allah sem depan barulah BEBAS sepenuhnya..
nampak gayanya lepas neh kena cari something pula untuk disibukkan.. PSM kannn.. muahaha..

pendirian kita tak sama kan..

masing-masing ada pendirian masing-masing.. selalunya pendirian tuh untuk kebaikan diri jugak.. dan ada juga yang menjadikan agama sebagai asas pendirian..
apa yang penting hormat pendirian lain.. mungkin ada ketika kita yang terluka.. kerana itu pendiriannya.. kerana itu juga untuk kebaikan dirinya.. kerana itu juga untuk kebaikan yang lain..
aku tak menginginkan sesiapa untuk menerima pendirian aku.. tapi cukuplah dengan menghormati pendirian aku..
maaf sekiranya pendirian ku ini membuat ada yang terluka.. aku jua hanya insan yang biasa.. masih dan sedang cuba perbaiki diri lagi.. supaya pendirianku itu masih tetap utuh..
dan ku pasti dan yakin akan ketentuanNya..

Langkah pertama untuk PSM ku...

hari ni mood berblogging datang sekejap..
alhamdulillah.. program hari ini berjalan lancar..
bersama dengan Dr Zaleha, aku dan beberapa orang kawan telah ke SMK Dato Penggawa Barat, Pontian.. kebetulan, Dr Zaleha mendapat undangan daripada pihak sekolah sebahagian daripada program sekolah untuk guru-guru panitia Matematik.. minggu lepas, Dr Zaleha telah ikut serta.. tapi, minggu ini kami berpeluang ikut sama.. ini kerana.. kami ke sana dengan tajuk bengkel.. bengkel pembangunan web dalam matematik..

pembangunan web matematik tuh DUNIA MATEMATIK laahh.. disebabkan kami adalah krew Dunia matematik.. maka kami bersama2 mengikutinya..
penglibatan guru2 yang sangat bagus.. hampir 20 orang guru yang terlibat.. masing2 sangat komitmen..

setelah dr zaleha memberi penerangan tentang dunia matematik.. guru-guru dipecahkan kepada kumpulan2 kecil.. ini untuk memberi pengalaman kepada guru2 untuk turut menyumbang kepada artikel2 di dunia matematik.. sambil mereka mencari idea, …

selesai bab 1..

Alhamdulillah.. setelah dua hari berhempas pulas dengan PSM.. telah selesai akhirnya dengan penulisan BAB 1.. rasanya masih perlu diedit lagi.. tapi.. tak apalah.. hantar saja dulu pada supervisor..
menyusul kemudian BAB 2.. huhu.. nak buat awal2.. tak nak jadi macam kali neh.. bagun tido, makan semua dengan PSM.. boleh jadi gila aku..
currently diuji dengan program aku.. mesyuarat agung.. huhuhu.. masih tak dapat tempat untuk melaksanakannya..

masih bercuti..

masih lagi dalam cuti semester.. cuma.............................. aku dah balik semula ke UTM.. huhuhu.. awalnya balik..
adeh.. mungkin ini laa yang berlaku bila dah jadi pelajar tahun akhir.. cuti pon kena korban..
mana taknya.. hari khamis neh kena jumpa supervisor.. bersama2 bab 1..
waaahh.. aku tak siap lagi bab 1.. huhuhu..

cuti semester..

Assalammualaikum.. dengan ini.. maka bermulalah cuti semester.. yeahhhh..
tapi kan.. aku tak balik kampung.. huhu.. aku balik rumah atok aku ja.. iyelaa.. parents aku balik.. so, takkan aku nak balik sana pula.. hurmmmm..
cuti semester hanya sampai rabu depan saja.. tapi..  kelas aku dapat extend kan sampai satu minggu.. muahaha..
tapi.. tak ada maknanya bagi aku.. hari khamis kena jumpa supervisor.. hantar Bab 1.. adeh...
minggu depan tuh pula.. program aku pula.. adeh.. pening.. pening.. bila terpaksa fikir sekali siapa yang nak urus persatuan pada sesi akan datang.. semoga semua urusan dipermudahkan.. huhu..

the one who loves you.....

the one who loves you.... will always beside you.. will always supports you.. will always there for you.. will always care for you.. will always concern on you..
the one who loves you.. will never leave you.. will never hurts you.. will never abandon you.. will never burdens you.. will never starts a fight..
the one who loves you.. never care on their time spent for you.. never care on what they spent on you..
the one who loves you.. will always forgives for all what you have done.. even its hurt them..
the one who loves you.. will never want to see your tears.. cause it hurts them too..
the one who loves you.. will wants you to live well.. cause your happiness is their happiness too..
the one who loves you.. never ask anything from you.. just be yourself.. and live well..
just.. what they hope in their heart.. is you always do remember them in your heart.. 

ouchh.. PSM ku..

pagi tadi seperti biasa.. jumpa dr zaleha.. supervisor untuk PSM ku.. setelah berbincang.. berbincang.. dan berbincang.. kebiasaannya.. kami menumpukan pada pembangunan web..
namun.. tiba-tiba.. aku terasa sangat tersentak apabila.. dr menanyakan tentang BAB 1.. adehhhh.. dan katanya.. perjumpaan akan datang dia nak tengok BAB 1.. erkkkkk...
beliau buat aku rasa sangat..  sangat..  sangat tak terkata.. mana taknya.. fokus kami pada pembangunan web.. terleka pula dengan penulisan tesis.. huhuhu..
nak tak nak.. minggu neh kena struggle untuk BAB 1.. waaaaahhhhh.. aku berasa sangat.. sangat.. tensen..
nak fikir tentang program lagi.. huhuhu..

dahan itu.......

suatu ketika dulu.. dahan itu sangat kuat.. iyaaa.. sangat kuat.. mampu menampung tidak kira berapa bebannya..
tidak kisahlah berapa lama masa yang diperlukan dahan itu untuk kuat.. tapi aku masih dan masih bergantung pada dahan tersebut..
dahan itu sangat kuat.. tak kiralah seberapa kuat angin yang bertiup.. tak kiralah betapa kuat ribut melanda.. tak kiralah sepanas terik memancar.. aku masih dan masih bergantung pada dahan tersebut..
tapi kini.. aku dapat merasakan kerapuhannya..
namun.. aku masih dan masih bergantung pada dahan tersebut.. dahan yang telah banyak membantu aku.. dahan yang telah menampung aku.. dahan yang telah melindungi aku..
sambil bertahan dan bergantung.. aku cuba untuk menyuburkannya kembali.. aku cuba untuk menyegarkannya semula.. dan.. aku berdoa agar dahan tersebut mampu bertahan sehingga akhirnya.. dan menjadi kuat seperti sedia kala.. dan mampu bertahan dengan gahnya..
kerana bagi aku.. dahan tersebut sangat bermakna bagi aku.. dan.. tidak kira apa yang …