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what the hell I'm doing...

supposed to be.. this week is study week..
but.. but.... but......
it almost the end of the week.. and I really dont know.. what had I did whole this week..
doing my FPY? it still not finish up..
study? even a paper I didnt touch yet..
arghhh.. so messed up..
really need to do something.. to done the works.. and study..
chaiyok! gudluck!

final sem study week..

its looks like its almost the study week.. for the final sem.. insya-allah..
but its not really study week.. because.. the UTM only give study leaves on 7th and 8th june.. and luckily.. all the classes already finished..
but still left one class.. which is need to do presentation.. im guess.. im the unlucky person.. cause my name its not called in the last week for the presentation.. so... I need to do it this week..
and frankly speaking.. Im not even ready yet for the final examination.. I know.. I need to work harder on it.. but till now.. Im got stuck with my FYP.. ohh really.. it make me sick!
really put effort on to finish it quickly.. so that I can focus on my study...