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contract between best friend...

once we are friend.. forever we are friend..
same goes if we are best friend.. and forever we are best friend..
not every friend can be our best friend.. only those special can be best friend..

once we are are best friend.. all your happiness and sadness are mine.. and there is no such term as your problem burden me.. why you may ask.. its because we are best friend and I dont want to see you in a sad mood.. maybe today is your day.. and i will help you as much as I can.. who knows one day is mine.. Im sure you will do the best for it..

what used of best friend if you have problem, you keep it silence.. best friend is someone stand beside you no matter what happened.. your silence may be hurt your best friend.. you never knew it..

a best friend could cry over you.. even a small thing happened between us.. why you may ask.. it is because it hurts them very much and a best friend would never want to lose their best friend..

best friend never count on what they had spent on.. money, present or…

final exam

hurmm.. juz left 2 weeks b4 da final exam.. lucky 4 me bcoz i've done wif all my activities.. juz, im scared wif da final.. i know i hv 2 increase bck my pointer.. aiming to get dean list n graduate wif 1st class.. bt, i dnt think so i cn manage to get it.. bt i try my best..

im quite frustrated when i get my time table 4 d final exam..

27h/10 - islam & isu2 smasa
1/11 - pembelajaran sains matematik (pagi)
- pedagogi (petang)
2/11 - mekanik
3/11 - physical chemistry
4/11 - differential equation
9/11 - linear algebra

5paper in a line?? huh!! sound crazy 2 me.. i dnt know wether i cn survive for my diff equation, linear algebra, mechanic n physical chemistry..

i really need to be tough enough.. bt, i feel like i want to go home!!! huhu..
my mother already book me a ticket afta da final.. everyday i stare at my ticket.. i really hope dat i can go home quickly.. i already mizz a lot my home.. huhu

anyway, 2 those struggling 4 da final.. wishg u all da b…

Minggu Pendidikan

4-6 oktober bru2 neh, persatuan mahasiswa pendidikan.. (under fakulti pendidikan) telah berjya mnganjurkan program minggu pendidikan 09..

selaku salah seorang exco persatuan.. ak tlah diletkkn di bawah unit jemptan.. kira keja ak p jmput org.. tp, kdg2 ak rsa cm dh jd stiausha.. mna xnya srta jmptn kna wat sndri.. sptutnya stiausha kna wat.. huhu..

keja ak agk sng ah gak.. sbb jmptn tuk pncramh2 dh diuruskan.. juz ak kna uruskan tuk penrmah anugrah ngn jmptn tuk mkn mlm..

agk pnat ah gak keja jmput mnjmput neh.. nseb ah da org bwhn.. pensyrah2 smua ak cmpk kat deorg.. ak jmput dkan, timbln dkan ngn ktua2 jbtn.. stu msalah bila deorg neh xdk kat blik huhu.. trun neh msuk kuar pjbtlah ak msa tuh.. bila dh pnat, mla ah ak xlalu mkn.. rkod ah, 2 hri ak mkn nasi (leh krus klu hri2 cmneh) .. smp ak kna sound ngn kwn ak sbb xmkn.. huhu..

ak pn da gak tlg rmmte ak.. dy kna unit publisiti.. skali ngn ak2 kna nekkan poster.. da skali tuh tmpal2 poster tuh smp 1 pgi.. gila tul..

hurmm.. 4hb, ktorg d…