Thursday, April 29, 2010

between silence and speak out..

in our life.. there must be a situation whether we should be silence or speak it out..and that things is depends on the situation right..

if it related with education, speak out is better.. if we feel not understand, just speak it out.. if we feel the things is not right, just speak it out and correct the thing so others does not do the things not right.. and if we feel misunderstand, speak it out too so that it will not bother us and someone will help to explain it.. it is not good for us just to keep silence.. knowledge is very important.. and it is very useful.. specially in exam.. so, feel easy to speak out anything related with education..

but.. how if related with personal problem?? hurmm.. everybody have their own opinion.. some will feel better after they speak out their problem to their close friend.. but some feel comfortable if they could silence and keep it as secret..however, it is not good.. its not about to make other feel sympathy.. but we need someone to us feel relief.. just speak it out to whom you are trusted.. they will lend their ear and you will feel a little relief and you can ask their opinion.. beside, they also can motivate you and can cheer you will you have complicated problem..

how about our movement?? our activities and our step that we take in daily life.. sometimes, its better to speak it out so that others know what we want to do so that they won't get worry.. but somehow, silence also need where we don't want others to be hurt with what we do.. whenever we need some privacy.. its not mean that we cheated.. its just not telling the truth.. but.. we have the reason why we do so.. and just hope that others can understand and not misunderstand with the action taken.. 

sometimes, SPEAK OUT is hard but SILENCE also hard too.. many things need to consider.. so, which one is better??




Monday, April 26, 2010

chemistry in relationship..

ada kawanku cakap chemistry antara 2 orang tidak bergantung pada selama mana mereka kenal.. TAPI.. chemistry bergantung pada apa??

aku bertanya pada kawan aku yang sorang neh.. dia cakap.. yang paling utama sekali kepercayaan dengan kejujuran..

then, aku tanya pada sorang kawan aku lagi.. hurmm.. dia cakap chemistry bergantung pada kejujuran, kepercayaan, kesetiaan, persefahaman dan keselesaan..

hurmmm... 2orang jek neh yang aku tanya.. bajet cam aku nak survey plak kan.. just nak tau pandangan masing-masing.. hehehe..

bagi aku.. hurmm.. seriously aku tak mampu nak meletakkan kriteria2 yang diperlukan.. just.. when there is chemistry, u can feel it own.. aku akui, tempoh perkenalan tidak menunjukkan yang kita neh betul2 ngam dengan dia.. ada jek 2, 3 tahun kenal tapi gagal memahami.. sedangkan ada jek kenal secara rapat dalam 2, 3 minggu dan mampu untuk memahami.. bila kita kenal dan berkawan, barulah kita sendiri tau sama ada kita leh masuk or tak.. mungkin kriteria2 yang disebut hanya sebagai bantuan.. tapi rasanya yang paling utama, penerimaan masing2 dan naluri.. sebab aku rasa, aku sendiri pon tak faham kenapa dengan sesetengah orang kita boleh ngam tetapi dengan sesetengah orang tak.. ini hanya pandangan aku.. tidak semestinya betul dan tidak semestinya salah.. masing2 ada pandangannya masing2 kan..

hurmm.. anyone nak kongsikan.. ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

the last paper.. here i come..

it looks like this semester already had come to the end.. the last paper, 20th April 2010.. just can't wait for the last paper.. after that, its time for enjoy!! hehehehee..

however, it looks like next semester needs a lots of  preparation.. prepare to be a practical teacher.. need to revise all the mathematics syllabus.. huhuhu.. and need to prepare mentally to face the students.. hoping that the holiday can cover it all..

anyway, my flight on 22nd April.. just need to be patient a little bit.. and hoping that can fly away with all  what had happened this semester.. and begin a new semester.. :)

cant wait it!! hurmm.. hopefully, all will done smoothly.. insya-allah..

Monday, April 12, 2010

just a few step..

hurmm.. mula2 sekali.. mintak maaflah yek kalau post yang terakhir tuh agak keemo-an sket.. hehehe.. cant control of myself.. nevermind, its already past and hopefully i'll be more stronger..

** kpd yg terasa diriny disebut last post: aku tak pernah salahkan hang dalam kes neh.. dont worry.. hehehe.. (anyway, aku dah tarik pon balek post tuh.. sbb cam terover plak.. hehe.. so sorry)

tinggal 3 paper jek lagi.. dan harapnya semoga aku lebih tabah.. even lagi seminggu nak habis, macam2 leh terjadi kan.. hehe.. semoga yang baik2 sahaja yang akan berlaku.. aminnnnnn..

walaupun tinggal 3 paper jek lg tapi aku dah mula countdown tuk cuti.. hehehe.. xsbarnya nak balek.. padahal baru semalam jumpa parents.. hehe.. dats not da point.. i miss already penang..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

this feelings is not good..

its good to be back to write something down..

hurmm.. just lately spending time with her make us more know each other.. nothing i expected to be.. just thought all will be in good condition..

what happened between us just like repeating what already had happened in the past.. some of the time will make me feel miss 'her'.. however, its good to know someone else.. knowing her is something new.. for sure i'll appreciate her like i appreciate 'her'.. 

but... the things going smooth is getting critical.. just know that things will burst out.. sorry for being the one that mess all things.. sorry if knowing u more make things more complicated.. and sorry again that i was the one that things happened.. hoping that the past wont repeated to me again.. its too pain for me.. but.. i rather do anything so that the things burst out will be calm.. including SACRIFICE..

the things happened out of my control.. if i can fix it.. let me the one to fix it..

once again this feeling is not the one i like.. please go away... please..................


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