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voucher finished!

as an IPT student.. we were given RM 200 as the voucher to buy books.. and what Im gonna to say.. I already spent all those RM 200.. its quite though and headache to finish it up.. by i did it.. heee..
I already spent about RM 100 at Penang.. and already bought the book that I really needs.. and this few days back.. I finish up remaining RM 100.. I bought about 5 rim paper A4.. muahaha..
and what else needs to do.. finishing up reading the books that had been bought.. heee..
and for this few days.. there is book fair at UTM.. okay.. gotta to buy the books with the cash if want so.. heee.. never mind.. maybe just locking the target.. and doing some window shopping.. heee..

renewing friendship..

To my dear friends.. specially my DEAREST BEST FRIENDS..
I do always claim to be your best friend.. but somehow.. for real.. how really much that I put on it.. just as best friends forever..
and I do claim to be better and better.. and I never applying it on our friendship..
and something really make me realize.. I need to renewing our friendship.. Im seriously on it..
cause there is things that I dont want to happened.. in Quran had stated that.. Az-zukhruf : 43:67
" Pada hari itu sahabat-sahabat karib: setengahnya akan menjadi musuh kepada setengahnya yang lain, kecuali orang-orang yang persahabatannya berdasarkan taqwa (iman dan amal soleh) "
and cause that I dont want to lose you.. and cause you are too precious for me.. and cause that I just too love you.. I dont want us to be enemy even in the life after.. I want we to still be friends till the life after..
for that.. I really needs you do favor for me.. do reminds me if I slip along the way.. do re…

the holiday..

the holiday.. its ONLY about a month.. but.. the EFFECT is too big.. yeahhh.. never thought it would effect this much..
the holiday.. make me forget what I used to face..
the holiday.. too wonderful that makes me forget everything..

the holiday.. swept all the past sadness.. cheering me up every day..

and the holiday.. that very meaningful for me.. cause.. I got the things that I think Im lost it..
the holiday.. is already ends.. and back to the real life that needs to face..
the holiday ends.. and I just realize how much the different it is.. and the effects its bring..
somehow.. its tear inside.. where needs to face the real life again..
somehow the holiday.. make me forget everything.. thanks to the holiday..
and now.. I really needs to face it.. with the STRONG heart.. cause no one can help it.. cause its just me..
needs time.. to settle everything.. needs time.. to heal everything.. and needs time.. to able walk again..
holiday.. thanks to you.. I…

annoying thing #3

third thing make me annoyed.. watching Malay drama.. hahaha!
sometime I just do feel the story is undescribeable.. how the author make the scene.. arghhhh..
sometime I like the drama.. but somehow the scene.. really make me sick.. with the jealousy.. the trap.. arghhh..  very hate it..
and the Malay movie.. all the love story one.. somehow feel regret if I go watch it at cinema.. and sometime feel regret downloading it..
that does not mean that I am not support the local.. BUT if it is good.. and got the value.. I'll watch it.. but most of them.. arghhh.. really make me sick..

finally the last semester..

its already three days the new semester begin.. and hopefully it is the last semester.. insya-Allah.. will try harder on it..
the timetable for this semester is quite okay.. more relaxing.. and for this semester I manage to repeat the paper that I had to.. Alhamdulillah..  we arrange a special class for us.. and the lecturer is different.. and hopefully there is also a DIFFERENT result to.. hope so..
and there is also some assignments.. and I thought that I will not participating in organizing program.. but there is a subject need to.. and I had to lead a seminar.. Insya-Allah I'll do my best for it.. and somehow.. I miss my time with PMP.. cause its means I will have more time.. and need to manage time so that I will bored without any things to do.. gudluck my PMP.. ;-)
as a final semester student.. we also need to finish up all the professional courses.. lucky that we managed to get one.. its in this saturday.. and there is left three more.. hopefully can fin…

its the vacation.. part 2..

I would like to continue my vacation.. its not stop at the Langkawi.. somehow.. there is continuation from the Langkawi episode..
on the 4th February.. our ferry to Kuala Perlis is on 0845.. its quite early.. but somehow.. we had a plan as we arrive there.. (we arrive at the jetty quite late and need to rush up so we dont miss the ferry.. huhu)
and about 1000.. we arrived at the mainland.. Kuala Perlis.. Welcome to Perlis.. muahaha.. Hamidah.. our friend will pick us up there.. after waiting for a while.. she come.. and went back to her house..
after resting and leave our bag at her house.. our journey starts.. to PADANG BESAR.. hehe.. well.. what do we do there? just.. shopping.. shopping.. and shopping.. well actually I'm just window shopping.. (due of short of money.. just buying some things that order by my mother)

after tiring spending time at Padang Besar.. we went back to Hamidah's house.. and before that buy ticket to Butterworth.. and had lunch had h…

review sem I 2011/12..

haaa.. orang dah kalot nak masuk sem baru.. ni baru tergedik-gedik buat review sem lepas.. muahaha.. sorry to say.. buzy sangat.. hahaha! A.L.A.S.A.N!!
so.. last sem is the start whole new things.. yeapp..
first things.. living in single room.. with the block which is all single room.. with none of my classmates.. but lucky there is my classmates which is her block is nearby.. so.. whenever feel bored.. usually I'm at her room.. heee..
second things.. starts of PSM or FYP.. ok.. PSM = FYP.. for the last sem its the beginning for chapter 1 to 3.. and publishing the articles on the website.. sometime gives a hard time too.. with need to do writing the thesis..
third things.. starts of buzy life with the PMP manners.. yeahh.. need to handle the programs.. which is about 10 programs.. yeahh.. almost every week there is the programs.. and with the AGM session.. means I am free with it for next sem.. but still.. as concern.. needs to give a hand to the junior organiz…

Langkawi eps 3.. final..

episode 3 for third days at Langkawi..
it is the last day for us to round the Langkawi.. we took the chance to go to Makam Mahsuri.. at there, we get to know Mahsuri and the legend of her..

after that, we went to Dataran Lang.. we took a few of pictures at there.. with the beautiful scenary..

in the evening.. we do some shopping at Kuah.. our focus is Haji Ismail Group.. the famous shop to shop the chocolate.. then, we went to some of the shops nearby..
after the tiring shopping.. we went to Pantai Tengkorak again.. what we do? having fun at the beach.. the water is so clear.. we can see our feet even in the water.. after spent about hour at the beach.. we went back home..
the night.. we went to Langkawi International Airport.. sending some of our friends go back home.. its their flight that night..

after sending them.. some of us went back to Pantai Cenang.. and some of us went back to Kuah..
Im a part of them that go to Kuah.. at there, we found and uptown.. so..…

Langkawi eps 2..

its now for the 2nd episode.. heeee.. actually I do not want to make a long-long entry.. thats why i'm dividing it..
2nd February.. on this second day.. in the morning.. we went again to the Cable Car.. and we can go up the mountain.. and make exciting days in the cable car.. its a nice view to catch up when at the top.. an incredible.. wonderful.. scene.. HIS creation.. its always wonderful.. subhanallah..

after having fun at the cable car.. at the evening we went do some shopping at Beras Terbakar.. yeahh.. its almost 2hours spending time there.. after that, went to Idaman Suri.. yeahh.. seriously we went there.. looking for the houseware.. and just window shopping..
at the night.. one again we went to Pantai Cenang for the dinner.. I even dont know what so special here.. heee..
and thats end the second day at Langkawi..

Pre episod
Episod 1
Episod 3

Langkawi eps 1..

I would like to continue about my vacation that I storied last entry.. in this entry I will focus on DAY ONE.. its 1st February..
we wake early in the morning.. preparing the breakfast and having breakfast before starting the journey..
the first place we go is Cable Car Langkawi.. everyone getting excited when arriving there.. however...... the Cable Car is closed.. yeah.. seriously..  and its will open in the evening.. then we decided to change our plan..
we go sight visiting at the beach.. Datai Bay.. Pantai Tengkorak.. Pantai Pasir Hitam..

in the evening.. we went for mangrove river at Kilim.. there is some places and activities done.. visiting Gua Kelawar.. Feeding eagle.. Experiencing about some species of fish..

at night.. we went pantai cenang doing some shopping.. 
and thats end the first day..

Episod 2
Episod 3

its the vacation.. part I

the vacation me and classmate planned long a go.. had finally goes well.. I would like to say well.. even tough there is some problem here and there.. but.. its still goes perfect.. erkk.. not so perfect..
31st january until 4th february..
31st january.. departing at senai international airport on 0830.. and arriving penang international airport on 0930.. transit at penang.. spending time for a while at penang.. while waiting the next flight.. departing penang international airport on 1335.. and arriving langkawi international airport on 1400..
here we are.. PULAU LANGKAWI.. seven of us arriving at langkawi.. waiting three more that will arrive in the evening from kuala perlis.. and three more arriving at the night from kuala lumpur.. and it make all of us 13..
its about fully four days spending at langkawi.. creating wonderful moments with friends.. visiting and spending at Langkawi.. with three cars..
its really nice vacation.. thanks guys.. :)
special thanks to

come back!

yeahh.. its since like almost 2 weeks im gone.. and only now I have time to updating here..
spending one week at my father hometown.. no internet at there.. so.. collapse there for a week..
a week after is holiday time.. spending time at langkawi.. and treating my friends at penang..
and now everything is over.. and here is my come back! heeee..