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baucer buku 1M..

as announced by the government.. students will get voucher RM 200 for books..
waaahhh... its really exciting.. and I know I can buy the only books that I want..
I had seen that book a few months back.. and its on discount.. but Im not affordable to buy in that time.. I hope this time I can go and catch that book.. heee...
and I really want to spent the voucher to buy A4 paper.. maybe about 2 or 3 rims.. hahaha.. its all for my FYP..

thats the book that I'm looking for.. that does not mean that I insist to get marriage in around the corner.. but there is something that I need to look for.. I'll story it on other entry k.. ;)
ohh ya... for those dont know how to spent their voucher..
you can give it to me..

susahnya nak cari... aish....

last a few days ago.. erkkk.. nope.. nope.. I think a week ago.. in order to finish up my work.. I need to stay up..
to make sure I can stay up whole night.. I really need to drink nescafe.. okay..  what make me feel so unacceptable is.. I couldnt find the nescafe can that I want.. all over the shop.. Meranti... Cengal... KRP... KTR... arghhhhhh... so frustrated.. is it out of stock???? or its already banned????
and recently at the station pump.. I want to buy a drink.. and at there I found the nescafe that I wanted.. okay... after this I think need to find it at station pump..

annoying thing #2

never thought that I will make the series of it.. hahahaha...
but its not on my purpose actually.. its just pop up on my head..
and I do not think it is wrong some where else.. I just want to share what I think is things annoying that people might do.. maybe not just me that feel annoying.. maybe there is some that feel that is annoying too..
maybe you yourself do it.. if you think what Im saying is WRONG.. then IGNORE all of them.. but if you think what Im saying is RIGHT.. then do something so that you wont do it again.. and make people feel annoying..
in previous entry.. I already stated about annoying picture.. then.. this time.. about annoying meeting...  erkk.. not meeting.. let put it as dating.. yeahh.. dating.. meeting up a boy and gurl..
first of all.. in a polite way.. if you want to dating.. do it in a public places.. BUT not in front of the hostel..
need to admit.. living in the hostel.. the boyfie will come.. and they will chit chat chit chat.. and t…

settle for a while..

yesterday.. successfully submit FYP 1... yeahhh... feel soooooo free..
erkk... but not so free.. cause need to think about FYP 2.. can I just let it first.. it make me feel so miserable..
so.. now.. just left one more paper.. than... oh freedom... ohh yeahh..  4 days more to go.. cant wait for it..
this morning.. modern algebra paper.. okay.. had to admit it.. started study the night before it.. what to say.. no comment.. even I leave early the hall.. yeahh.. for what waiting if I could not answer it anymore.. better leave the hall early..
and the last paper.. very soon and soon.. and then its holiday.. yeahhh.. holiday.. cant wait for it..

kisah lagu #1

wondering for a while.. whether should in English or Malay.. but looks like I already started it with English.. heeee..
I just wanna share a song.. for me.. its so nice....... and wonderful......
the lyrics that really attached me is....
" apapun yang terjadi.. ku 'kan slalu ada untukmu.. janganlah kau bersedih.. cause everythings gonna be ok..."
that lyrics explains why I want to write in Malay.. heee.. but never mind..
I really love to hear it when I had uneasy feeling.. or even when I had problem.. then after hearing it.. my tears will come down.. cause.. sometime.. wondering... where are you..
so.. wanna know what the song? just googling it.. heee..
~ya sudahlah by bondan prakoso & fade to black (OST nada cinta)~

peringkat ukhuwah..

sudah lama sebenarnya nak tulis pasal ini.. tapi tak berkesempatan.. lantas selang masa yang lama untuk paper seterusnya.. meluangkan sedikit masa untuk siapkan entry ini..
mengenalimu satu 'keindahan' bergurau denganmu satu 'kebahagiann' menyakiti hatimu akan ku 'elakkan' satu permintaanku agar UKHUWAH kita berkekalan....
ukhuwah.. ukhuwah itu sangat indah.. seandainya kita tahu menjaga.. dan ukhuwah itu lebih indah.. bila mana ada redhaNya..
ukhuwah itu ada 3 peringkat.. sinilah kita dapat menilai ukhuwah kita dengan sahabat kita..
peringkat pertama.. peringkat paling lemah.. "berlapang dada".. sapa kata senang nak buat yang satu ni.. susah sebenarnya.. nak berlapang dada dengan tindakannya.. kadang2 terselit jua kecurigaan.. tapi.. bersangka baiklah dengan sesuatu..
agak2.. lepas tak peringkat pertama?
peringkat kedua.. "sama rata".. dalam peringkat ini..  kita berlaku adil dengan sahabat kita.. dan hingga satu tahap.. saha…

selesai paper pendidikan..

now I am free with education paper.. yeahh.. yesterday and this morning.. yesterday is curriculum's paper.. and this morning is sociology's paper..
well.. what to say.. hurmmm.. its already past.. just let it be.. hehe..
now just left with mathematics paper.. ouchh.. modern algebra on coming friday.. and numerical method on coming next week.. uuuuuu..
I really dont know how to study both paper.. huhu.. but its never to late.. must start study both of them..
but.... before that.. final year project.. yeah.. need to complete it and send it.. in this week too..
okay.. gudluck to myself.. heeee~

UHB 3042~ writing for academic purpose..

yesterday is the second paper for my final exam.. its english paper.. writing for academic purpose..
ermm.. what should I say about this paper eh.. I think the paper is okay.. I did not having any problems answering it.. yeahh.. of course it is.. because what I need to do is write.. and everything is all in there.. just needs to have idea..
everything go fine yesterday.. I'm just write.. write.. and write.. and I think there must be a lot of grammar errors.. hehehe..
what to do.. just leave it the rest to HIM....

annoying thing#1

just wanna talk about things that make me annoyed..
maybe others also feel it too..

sometime..  we does not realize that we are showing off of something.. yeahh.. I admit it.. even I do that things too..
but... when more growing up.. I realize that there is no meaning of showing off.. even sometime it makes others feel annoyed.. seriously annoying..
yeahh.. know it.. that sometimes we just want to share it with others.. but I think.. it also depends on what it is..
for example.. do you really need to put your girlfriend picture in where everyone could see it???? or.... do you really need to put your free hair picture?????
okay.. I dont know about others.. but what do I know is.. I really.. really annoyed with this..
yeahh I know you just want to show others how lucky you are.. having someone right.. but...... sometime it make others feel annoyed..
and.. she's not even yours yet.. wont you be ashamed when some day.. that you wont be with her.. but you already an…

vacation on hold..

masih lagi sekitar tahun baru 2012..
so.. what to say.. its about this 2012 year..
actually for this 2012 year.. there is 3 vacation on hold.. yeahh.. on hold..
firstly.. pulau langkawi.. I guess the status of that vacation is CONFIRMED.. fly on the end of this January.. its all around 13 people joining it.. yeahhh.. cant wait for it..

secondly.. penang.. or should I say it as Im going home? nope.. I dont think so.. cause it just in a short period.. and there some my friends will follow me as well after the vacation at Langkawi..

thirdly.. BANDUNG.. yeahh.. BANDUNG???? but I think the status is PENDING.. and maybe CANCEL.. heeee.. but I dont know if they still want to proceed it..

fourthly.. KOTA KINABALU.. its the end of the July.. and the status is still PENDING.. but the flight is already BOOK.. muahahaha..

thats the vacation that still on hold.. its all with my friends..
waiting for the vacation with my family.. dont know where and when.. heeee....

one paper down..

today..  one paper down..
environmental chemistry.. the paper started early in the morning..
and due off I woke up too early to study.. I end up with answering the paper in sleepy mood.. seriously..
and the questions itself.. make me feel more sleepy.. seriously..
so........ I finished up answering questions.. and made up my mind.. to leave the hall before the times is up.. yeah.. for sure.. I did it.. not because I'm too confident with my answer and I could answer all the questions.. but.. I really dont know how to answer those questions already..
I just leave the answer booklet.. and go for eat..
for sure.. I dont know what the results will looks like.. okay.. just let it be.. need to focus on remaining papers.........

welcome to 2012..

its looks like we already in a new year.. 2012.. well.. it means we are one step moving forward..

hopefully this on this new year will be filled with meaningful things.. and meaningful moment..
so.. ready to rock this 2012 year?? yeahh.. hopefully..
and lets do the checklist for this year..
and as for me..
only one I want for..
wanna graduate on time..

just that.. :)