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final exam draft...

the last semester is already near to the end.. just a 2 weeks more left.. and after that.. the final exam..
therefore.. the final exam schedule already know..
and.... I dont know how I should to express it.. let's just watch it..

sooooo..... not many gaps do I have.. and there is 2 paper in A DAYS.. hmmmmm...
really need to struggle during the study leave.. or maybe I should start now.. haha.. dont think so.. cause I need to settle down my assignments.....
okay.. till then.. gudluck dear~

review : Avengers

last week.. my friends and I went to watch Avengers..
what I can say about it.. hmmm..
its an okay movie.. with the superheroes.. ironman.. hulk.. thor.. captain america.. join their strentgh to fight the Loki (in thor movie) somehow they manage to protect the world..
so....... its an okay movie la.. heee.. its worth to watch it.. so... go and watch it okay.. hehehe..
rating : FOUR star

writing style..

as a bloggers.. we used to have our own writing style.. and most of the bloggers used their blogs to write about personal.. about their life.. about their thought.. about their experience.. about everything what do they feel..
and as a bloggers.. there is some ethic that must follow.. for me..
and about my blog itself.. its about ME.. its about things happened in my life.. its about experiences that I used to get.. its about something that I want to share..

and there is nothing that I want from this blogging.. but..... I do hope.. there is something that I can give to others.. sharing knowledge.. sharing information.. that they need to know.. that they must know.. that they can use to..
and thats is how Im write..  for the past... present.. and insya-allah till the future..
just do give me support.. and do critize me for me to improve..

chill.... ^_^

end of the test....

yesterday.... its the last test.. insya-allah.. last test for the degree..
and what do I can say is.. i think im not doing well.. not just yesterday... but all of it..
yesterday... calculus II test.. emmm.. the question is like easy.. but seriously.. its hard......
on the last monday.. real analysis test.. emmmm.. even already known the questions... but.. still... dont know how to do.. because... I didnt see thoese questions..

on the last week.. partial differential equation test.. what to say.. i must put full effort on the final.. seriously... im almost crying after the test.. T_T
just let it be.. focus on the final.. focus on to get pass those paper..
but still... Im ashamed and feel cruel to leave everything to HIM.. because.. the effort still not enough for me.. but... its still there left a time.. to cover all back..
insya-allah.. faith to him... ^_^

5 bab selesai...

setelah bertungkus lumus.. siang.. malam.. 4 hari.. 4 malam..
akhirnya........ selesai juga aku selesaikan 5 bab PSM tersayang..
huhu.. terseksa jiwa raga aku.. tidur malam tak lena.. tidur pun macam tak tidur ja.. aishhhh...
tapi sekarang.. sekurang-kuranganya dah boleh tarik nafas lega.. alhamdulillah....
cuma mungkin ada sedikit pembetulan yang kena buat.. dan menanti masa untuk VIVA..
watever it is.. one job is down and settle......

full draft

selagi tak settle.. selagi tuh aku tak senang hidup.. selagi tuh aku tak tenteram.. selagi tuh aku rasa serba tak kena.. selagi tuh aku rasa serba salah kalau tak hadap.. selagi tuh aku risau.. selagi tuh aku stress..
cepat2 lah habis PSM oii..
currently mode: siapkan full draft~

stressful month..

usually I always been in stressful week.. but I think.. I need to use stressful month..
because..  there is A LOT OF works need to do.. arghhhh!!!
I feel like I really dont have time to complete it all.. with the writing thesis.. with the testsssss.. with the assignmentsss.. huhuhu..
I really dont know what I need to do.. how I really want to manage it all..
but I guess I need to deal it with by self..
gudluck dear!
dont mix everything..

wordless wednesday #8



review : battleship

last a few days.. after long time waiting..
went to see the battleship.. with my friends.. its a long time that we never watch the movie together..
BATTLESHIP.. everyone said that the movie is superBEST.. but.. for me.. its just okay.. not too bad.. and THREE and HALF star for this movie.. heee..

its about alien that come to the Earth.. and the navy army needs to fight with it..
the cool part is when they come up with a plan to take down the alien..

and the moral of the story.. dont mix emotion in your decision.. you might be killed yourself..